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St. Louis, Missouri (September 5, 2018) –  Tiny Stills and Get Married graced Fubar St. Louis on tonight, joined by St. Louis locals, Treading Oceans, Away from Reason and Eat Sleep Catapult. Tiny Stills is an indie rock foursome fronted by Kailynn West who is spectacularly charming with her stage presence and crowd interaction.  Sharing the backing bands with Get Married, Tiny Stills is joined on tour by Dylan Moore on drums, Randy Moore on guitar and Kayla Gonzalez on bass guitar. The set list focused on Tiny Stills newest album Laughing into the Void that was released June 1, 2018. Laughing into the Void is more assertive than Tiny Stills 2014 release of Falling is Like Flying with songs about not liking to live in LA, extremely relatable songs about anxiety like “Small Talk” the gender bias and being objectified  in “Don’t Call Me a Catch” and of course love; best represented in “When I’m With You.” Tiny Stills compliments each other extremely well blending vocal melodies seamlessly into the peppy bright tones of Tiny Stills music.

Watching Tiny Stills is just as fun as listening to them. Kayla Gonzalez plays the bass with depth and passion, getting in a groove that transfers easily into the crowd.  Randy Moore plays the guitar with precision and whimsy. Dylan Moore on drums has a quite seriousness that feeds a laser focus on precise and riotous percussion.

Kailynn paused before song five explaining to crowd someone downwind is wearing the same cologne as her ex-boyfriend and “it doesn’t smell bad it’s just unfortunate” then dedicates “Colorblind” to ‘that guy’ to the amusement of the crowd. Let’s me honest, we have all been there. Tiny Stills delivers peppy empowering music they make you want to grab a guitar and write about things that terrify you and face them head on.

Get Married closes out the show with rockabilly punk styled songs from their 2016 release Four Songs and their latest release, Songs for the Sleepless. The set begins with the first song of the album “Adam West.” Picking up Songs for the Sleepless after the show it became clear, this album is one you can put in your car and listen on repeat for a month. Transitioning into the second song “Living Room” it becomes clear that this band is a must see. Vocalist Jaake Margo has a gritty Elvis style about him in his vocals and presence. Joined by Dylan Moore on drums, Randy Moore on guitar, Tarify Pappu on guitar, Kailynn West on keyboard and Kayla Gonzalez on bass guitar.

Get Married feels like a stage full of best friends who just get each other comically and musically having fun and playing all while being sharp as a razor blade. “Weeknight Love” delivers a more modern tone of rock to jump around, sing along right off the jump “I taste my failure on your lips/but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.” The catchy lyrics continue with lines like “I wanna spend these weekends with you/I wanna wake up in your bedroom/Don’t wanna be just your weeknight love” the modern love anthem lends climatic builds, pop infusions into the melody and an all around easy to love love song.

Jaake Margo prefaces the next song by stating it’s about “taking cinnamon and just pouring it right in your eyes”  he then croons out a Doo Wop diddy with “Cinnamon Sugar.” A song with an intro straight from a sock hop in a refreshing and wonderfully playful way. Get Married heavy hits most exemplified in the closing song of the set “Grenadine” delivers the old school lyrics in heavy rock fashion.

Tiny Stills and Get Married put on great shows with well practiced sets, inspiring and imaginative lyrics set along well written music both capable of inspiring fans and ensuring a entertaining show. Tiny Stills is endearing with humor that can be turned to on your best and worst days.  Get Married nostalgic sound blending with modern rock and punk fuses an altogether unique must recommend band. You can catch this tour through September 15th closing out the tour in their home state of California.  Songs For The Sleepless by Get Married is out now via Wiretap Records. Laughing into the Void from Tiny Stills is available on all music streaming and purchase sites.

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