The Fever 333 at The Crowbar Tampa, Fl

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Fall is usually a time of year when things across the country start to cool off. But in Tampa, Fl. Tonight things went from the usual warm evening to white hot. What caused this to happen? The hot new group The Fever 333 took the stage at The Crowbar in Tampa, Florida.
Formed in Inglewood, California, in July 2017. The Fever 333 is made up of vocalist Jason Butler, guitarist Stevis Harrison, and drummer Aric Improta. While most concerts have at least one opening act, tonight the stage belonged to The Fever 333 exclusively. This group definitely does things differently. They refer to their concerts as demonstrations. Indeed, these guys really have a lot to say!! As the lights when down, Images started to play on the curtain in front of the stage featuring people from Martin Luther King to Donald Trump. While this was going on. Jason, the lead singer, came out to the front of the stage. Wearing a black jumpsuit with the numbers 333 and the bands logo on it, he also had a black bag over his head. What a powerful way to kick off the night! As the curtain dropped Jason pulled the bag off his head and the band kicked into “Burn it”. These guys redefine high energy. With guitarist Stevis Harrison running from one side of the stage to the other, while lead singer Jason Butler was jumping and running as well. Even drummer Aric Improta got in the action and was leaping behind his drum kit. When it came time to play “Made An America”, The energy that the guys brought to the stage rubbed off on the audience as a mosh pit formed and the stage diving started. The next song they played was “Animal”. During this song, Jason went into an impressive beat box routine and even joined in with the drummer with his own drum the crew had setup for him. After they were done, Jason let the audience know why there was no opening act. Because they want to be able to spend time connecting with the audience on a personal level. It was at this time he let everyone know that this was a safe place. You can discuss what you want and how you feel without judgement, and this was a place to express yourself. It’s obvious that they live by these words and mean everything they say. It is nice to see a band that cares for their audience as much as they do. As the show continued, they played “Trigger”,” Southside”, and “Prey For Me” with the same level of passion as when they first started their show. The passion and the energy that these guys brought to the stage was really picked up by the audience who fed off it, and in return raised their energy level to match. Everyone in the building was mesmerized by the band and was loving every minute of the show. During their next song “One Of Us”, lead sing Jason Butler dove out into the audience and continued singing the song as he went into the mosh pit. The final song of the show was “Hunting Season”. Halfway through the song, they pulled half the drum kit off the stage and set up everything on the floor smack in the middle of the crowd and continued with the song. What a way to end a concert! After the show was done, the band took a little break then came out and spent time talking with their fans just like they said they would do. This wasn’t your usual meet and greet stuff. They spent quality time talking to people and getting to know their fans.
One thing for sure, The Fever 333 bring tons of passion and energy to their shows. They play with an intensity and fire that few can match. If you had to describe their concert in a single word, it would be incendiary. If these guys are the future of rock n’ roll, then it’s in good hands. The Fever 333 is currently on tour through the end of October. So catch the Fever while you can.

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