Anaheim, California (February 25, 2018) – Splice Magazine captured the emotional rollercoaster of a Sufferer who constantly battles with severe anxiety and depression. This was the last of the very first three Sufferer shows to take place. The artists kicked off in Cupertino, down to Orangevale, and lastly to Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. This is the band’s first debut of their self-titled album Sufferer.

Sufferer is made up of Forrest Wright, Cory Lockwood (A Lot Like Birds), Shane Gann (Hail the Sun), and Blake Dahlinger (I the Mighty.) The band talks about the constant daily battles of what it is like to live in the head of someone who suffers from severe anxiety disorders and depression. The three torturous characters of the sufferer are voiced by Cory Lockwood (the voice of his anxiety,) Forrest Wright (the sufferer’s voice,) and Shane Gann (the voice of his depression,) as well as Blake Dahlinger (drums and added vocals.)

Sufferer lays down ten chapters of the distressing voices in his head about how he lives his life with himself and with the relationships of others. The band took the stage just after 9 pm and opened with the trance-like state of the introduction “If” which quickly progressed to the repetitive overthinking of the sufferer’s mind. The band performed “Then” and “Sword”, conveying the constant feelings of detachment and false confidence.  Captivating the audience with “Chair”, “Ache”, and “Drag”, before quickly evolving to the stormy, acoustic tones of “Nocturne” sounded all through the venue towards the end of the set and into “Pacifier”, which sheds light on the effects of medication and the suggestions of coping. Sufferer closed out their show with two more heavy tracks, “Always” and “Again”, leaving the audience emotionally entranced and excitedly waiting for more.

35% of Sufferer’s project will go towards the Anxiety and Depression Association of America


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