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*SOLDOUT* Seaway Rock Canada's Capital City!
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*SOLDOUT* Seaway Rock Canada’s Capital City!

Ottawa, Ontario (July 26, 2018)Seaway took some time out of their busy schedules to stop by The 27 Club to play a sold-out show. The band was supported by fellow Canadians Like Pacific, Bearings, and Castlefield.

Up first for the evening were recently signed (Penultimate Records) Castlefield. From the jump, the band was a captivating performance of energy and soul. Playing a selection of classic and new songs (which drummer Jon Reid said would be coming out this November).  During one of their songs, whether the mistuning was planned or not, it worked with the band aesthetic and enhanced their stage performance. Overall, Castlefield delivered an engaging performance and if are a band to add to your emo playlist!

Following Castlefield, a packed room awaited Bearings and the crowd was ready to get jumping to their songs. Bearings treated their hometown to a new song, which got everyone in the venue moving and shaking along. For those that had never seen the band (which was surprisingly quite a few), they were treated to some great songs such as “Indecision” and “Petrichor.”

After Bearings, Like Pacific setlist was filled with songs that were fast (and great for moshing) but heartfelt, which struck a chord with the crowd and gave them a license to let loose. Like their fans, the band was an uncontainable force of energy ready to jump and spin themselves around to enhance their crowd’s enjoyment of their set. Even though their track “Self-Defeated,” had only been out for a couple of days, the crowd was eager to show their excitement for the new album and sang every word. Based on this, I highly recommend you check out their new album In Spite of Me (which was released July 27th).

When it was finally time for Seaway to hit the stage, the crowd was ready and eager to sing along. The band treated the crowd to some of their classic “Lula on The Beach,” but the band also gave the fans two covers of Weezer songs. “My name is Jonas,” and “Buddy Holly” was warmly received and the crowd almost out sang the band. For the final two songs, Seaway had little to do in the way of performing except for instrumentals, as the crowds singing made up for vocals. A successful start to their tour, be sure to check out Seaway when they come to a city near you!


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