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Scattered Hamlet + Rat Bastard Syndicate + Groot
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Scattered Hamlet + Rat Bastard Syndicate + Groot

Mansfield, OH (18 July, 2018)

Scattered Hamlet were stomping across these great United States on their Stay Hungry, Stay Free Tour, and Mansfield, Ohio was lucky enough to be a midway stop for these backwoods warriors.

The Electric Company was playing host to the night’s festivities. With two Columbus, Ohio area bands Groot, and Rat Bastard Sydicate set as opening acts, this night was all set with some gritty, loud, and in-your-face rock ‘n roll.

Splice Magazine was there early, and was able to check out the sound check before we had a chance to sit down and talk with Scattered Hamlet. You can check out the interview HERE.

It was time for Groot to take the stage, and as the fog filled the stage, the sound roared to life.

Groot © Splice Magazine – Allen Heimberger. Please do not alter images.

Groot hails from Columbus, about 70 miles south of this venue. Their raw style of rock fit the evening well. As they kept things heavy and in a groove, Josh Wood (Vocals), Lespaul Moore (Guitars), Jarrod Ware (Guitars), Dustin Bartley (Drums), and Jackie Hatfield (Bass) were working hard to get the crowd fired up.

Out in support of their current EP Season of the Witch (2017) they played a great set featuring their popular tune Soul to You. Time-and-time again I am amazed at the amount of great local talent that gets to open for national touring acts. Groot is just one local reason you need to catch a show today.


Next up was Rat Bastard Syndicate. Full of veteran rock ‘n rollers, these four know their stuff. Having shared the stage with some of the biggest names in rock, they were ready to share with us what their latest musical project was all about.

Rat Bastard Sydicate © Splice Magazine – Allen Heimberger. Please do not alter images.

With their latest EP Reinforce (2018), and then toss in Ignite (2017), and Incite (2016), these guys have been bringing the party to hard rock music. You need to look no farther then 2016’s Crank It Up to understand this is classic guitar-laden hard rock.

With years of experience, Steve (Guitar and Vocals), Lennard (Bass and Vocals), Keith (Drums), and Vinnie (Guitar) really know how to work the crowd. The cohesive sound that they produce is a testament to the time spent on the road around the world.

Keep your eyes peeled for Rat Bastard Syndicate, they are working hard and hitting stages here in the Buckeye State, as well as surrounding states. Check out their Facebook page for a list of upcoming events.

Rat Bastard Syndicate:

It was time for the headliner. Hitting the stage like a blast from a double-barrel shotgun was Scattered Hamlet. Their self-proclamation of “Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin with his partners Bo and Luke Duke in a parking lot brawl on a Saturday night set to music” gives you a pretty good indication of what was about to happen.

Scattered Hamlet © Splice Magazine – Allen Heimberger. Please do not alter images.

Located in the Appalachia area of the U.S., the lineup tonight featured frontman Adam Joad (Vocals & Guitar), Rich Erwin (Bass), Ken “The Bone Man” Martin (Guitar), and Grant “Gravedigger” Jenkins (Drums). With a cold Budweiser in hand, while not playing guitar, Adam coaxed the crowd forward as they tore through an hour-long set. His sizable stature and dominating vocals stood tall over the crowd.

With songs like Stonewall Jackson, Swamp Rebel Machine, and their latest single Stay Hungry, they had plenty of well known material for this crowd to enjoy. The recent single follows their 2016 release Swamp Rebel Machine. During the interview earlier in the evening, Adam noted they cut the single to get some fresh music out as they continue to work on their next release (no release date yet).

As Adam switched from his stable of guitars, he mixed in some awesome heavy-slide guitar (see Swamp Rebel Machine). They also pulled some songs from 2013’s Skeleton Dixie, which features their first cover song Mississippi Queen.

The stage set was completed with deer skulls, a gun microphone stand, flamed out keg, and more. The black and gold “Bandit” guitar was sure a nice surprise as Adam paid homage to the one and only black and gold Trans-Am from Smokey and the Bandit.

Living the outlaw lifestyle a bit while out on the road, might take a toll on one as you travel from gig-to-gig, but these four did not miss a beat tonight as they left it all out there on stage. Just like Adam stated, if you like their recordings, you’ll love their show – he did not lie.

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One sure sign that a band connects with their fanbase is their merch table gathering. They gathered at their merch table as a nice percentage of the crowd gathered to help support them through purchasing merch. There was not a shortage of choices either, as they were well stocked up and ready to make sure you could get your favorite items.

Pausing for a few group photos at the very end of the night, Scattered Hamlet provided a great ending to a super night of entertainment, and stuck around to chat with their fans, showing their dedication to those dedicated to them.

Scattered Hamlet’s Merch Table © Splice Magazine – Allen Heimberger. Please do not alter images.

Scattered Hamlet:

The Electric Co.:

Scattered Hamlet L-R: Ken Martin, Rich Erwin, Splice’s Allen Heimberger, Adam Joad, and Grant Jenkins © Splice Magazine – Allen Heimberger. Please do not alter images.
Various Members from Scattered Hamlet, Rat Bastard Syndicate, and Groot © Splice Magazine – Allen Heimberger. Please do not alter images.


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