Saint Motel Was Everyone’s ‘Type’ Tonight in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan (July 21, 2018) –  The temperature is in the mid-70’s. The sky is fighting away the clouds. The turfgrass is, well, it’s just turfgrass. But the city buildings, those engulfing everything around you and the entire sea of people just waiting for entering the Motel; Saint Motel, obviously! You couldn’t have picked a better night for an outdoor concert at Beacon Park Detroit even if you had put it all together earlier that afternoon. Luckily, Detroit, MI had plenty of time to prepare for it has been just a minute since the group hit Detroit proper. That all changed Saturday night as Saint Motel brought their whole upbeat, funky, jump around and dance sounds to the D. If you wanted a party, these guys bring it in spades. Or in Saints? Is that a thing? We’re going to say it’s a thing.

If you aren’t familiar with the L.A. based quartet here’s the crash course. The group started together just over a decade ago, waaaaay back in the year 2007. Frontman AJ Jackson and lead guitarist Aaron Sharp met while attending film school, drummer Greg Erwin attended another school nearby in SoCal, and bass player Dak Lerdamornpong was working at a local sushi restaurant. Success with their 2012 debut album Voyeur was followed up by 2014s huge EP hit My Type”, which then led to 2016s full-length album saintmotelevisionThe latter of which was the first ever virtual reality album where every track had its own accompanying VR experience. So that’s the quick rundown, and you can call it fate that these four found their way together, but I’ll be damned if they don’t put out some swoon-worthy tracks!

The night started off with some Puzzle Pieces”, a track that brings some retro flair. Think of it as something inspired by an old-timey Las Vegas lounge singer, but classed up to the 9’s and as happy as a 1-year-old eating their first birthday cake. Undoubtedly something to get the crowd up and moving from the start, there is no easing into it with Saint Motel.

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It didn’t take long for the energy to take hold, we only made 3 songs in before Jackson left the stage to come high five fans and to sing to the crowd from the barricade for almost the entirety of Benny Goodman”. The fans love moments like that and you could absolutely see it in the faces of those up front. The party carried on with For Elise”, a song that’s less 1960’s Vegas and more tribute to the muses of Hollywood referencing Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) and Pattie Boyd.

Up to this point, it had been a blast, party central, but you know how to tell when the party really starts? When you’re 5 and 3-year-old start dancing and (trying) to sing along, which is exactly what happened when the first beats to Move hit their ears. That’s not to say the adults were getting into it either, but it was hard not to watch the kids dance like only kids can. “Move” is one of the two biggest single successes for Saint Motel, the other I’m saving for just a little bit later, topping at #14 on the U.S. Alt charts. Upbeat (have I mentioned this band’s upbeat sound yet?) and bouncy you wouldn’t necessarily know this song was about making relationship decisions, and even if you do, it doesn’t change just how much fun this song is!

Cold Cold Man was up next, with arguably one of the most awesome music videos of all time. Pulling inspiration from James Bond-esque movie intros and then flipping it into a, at times, the action-packed video doesn’t take away from the chorus of the song—“You’re the only one worth seeing, The only place worth being, The only bed worth sleeping’s, The one right next to you.” Video aside it is a fun as hell love song about being a bit coy around one’s partner and reassuring them that it is all real.

A few songs later and the music stopped. Time for ye olde encore, perhaps? Oh, it definitely was, but first, some technical difficulties. I’m not sure exactly what happened but there was a longer than planned delay between walking off stage and the music starting up again. That was totally okay though because the song we were all waiting for was 100 million percent worth it. My Type has been Saint Motels biggest success to date and I can’t lie here, I have personally listened to this song almost 800 times. 786 as of the time of this writing to be exact! That’s not to say I’m obsessed with these guys, but this track has been the first song to kick off my workouts to for the last five years, and that is very, very true. Finally hearing this song, singing and dancing with my kids, all while embraced by the city I love so much made my first time seeing Saint Motel live an unforgettable memory.  Until next time, Saint Motel!

Puzzle Pieces
Benny Goodman
You Can Be You
For Elise
Sweet Talk
Cold Cold Man
Born Again
My Type

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