Royal Coda Debuts Self-Titled Album at Chain Reaction

Anaheim, California (May 23, 2018) – What better way to end the weekend than with Royal Coda debuting their first self-titled album, alongside VIS at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.

Tonight Royal Coda kicks off with their very first Anaheim show at Chain Reaction to debut their first self-titled album, Royal Coda. This is the second of two shows they are performing, the first show in Sacramento, CA, and today here in Anaheim to break out their new post-hardcore hits. Royal Coda is joined alongside VIS, who opened at their first show as well.

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Royal Coda is a brand new post-hardcore band made up of three experienced artists: Kurt Travis (lead vocals), Sergio Medina (guitar), and Joseph Arrington (drums). The band was originally created by Medina, who is also in associated bands Sianvar, Stolas, and Eidola. Medina formed the band in 2017, and in January 2018 they revealed Royal Coda after signing to Blue Swan Records. Travis, former Dance Gavin Dance, and A Lot Like Birds vocalist, delivers a passionate, cutthroat vocal performance on the album and on stage. The band is also joined by drummer Arrington of Sianvar, and former band A Lot Like Birds. Arrington and Medina deliver a collaborative, hardcore instrumental sound to the album.

VIS is an American rock/hardcore band formed in Los Angeles, CA. Their members consist of Thomas Miller (lead vocals) Aaron Delgado (guitar), Allen Casillas (drums), and Justin Gomez (bass). VIS currently have two EP’s out, No Consequence (2017) and No Waves (2014.) Their EP’S deliver an emotional, hardcore tune composed of four incredibly talented musicians.

Although Chain Reaction is not for large crowds, it goes without saying that some of the most fun shows have been held there, as it provides a homey, intimate concert experience. Old and new band T-shirts are stapled over the walls of the venue and reflect nostalgic vibes. The local fans chat in anticipation as VIS makes their way to the stage and open with their first song off their newest EP No Consequence,1157”.  VIS then leads into two back-to-back singles,Smash” from No Consequence andUnprepared” off of their first EP, No Waves. Throughout the show, fans appear to be feeding off of the aggressive, enthusiastic energy that Casillas gives off on the drums. One fan at the side of the stage looks to his friend with him and eagerly proclaims, “This dude is a madman!” The venue is surrounded with impassioned and fervent vocals from Miller as the crowd ecstatically watches. VIS ends with their song,Runners, leaving the perfect amount of anticipation and energy for Royal Coda’s headlining set.


I had the chance to photograph Royal Coda backstage before their set and even from there I could hear fans chanting and shouting their names as they anxiously wait for them to begin their set. Many fans have previously known the three artists to be in former/current well-known bands which seems to draw in the anticipation even more.

As Royal Coda walks the stage, you can hear an uproar of excitement instantly. The band does not fail to deliver a captivating, excitable performance as fans rock out to their songs. Royal Coda plays their first hit single “Anything to Save” and as Travis passionately belts out the beginning line, fans immediately connect and join in. Moody tones flood the stage, giving off a mesmerizing vibe throughout the venue. Throughout the whole performance, the audience is enthralled and gives the band their undivided attention.

Royal Coda closes out the show with their other hit single, “Cut Me Under”. leaving the fans in an uproar and conversing about needing to see more Royal Coda shows. All in all, it was an amazing night filled with incredibly talented musicians.

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