Red Sun Rising + Tripp N Dixie + Avalon Black

06/28/18 – Red Sun Rising + Tripp N Dixie + Avalon Black @ The Machine Shop, Flint, MI

Flint, Michigan (June 28, 2018)Red Sun Rising  with specials guests Tripp N Dixie and Avalon Black, took over The Machine Shop
in Flint, MI tonight.

First up was Tripp N Dixie, a Detroit based rock band formed in 2008. With a sound that is a blend of classic and modern rock, they were the perfect fit to start off the night. With their last show being over capacity by at least a couple hundred people, I was really excited to see them perform and they did not disappoint!

Next was Avalon Black of Flint, MI. They also put on a great show, especially with it being in their hometown. If you are in Michigan, I highly recommend checking these guys, as well as Tripp N Dixie out, you won’t regret it! It was also awesome getting to know a little bit more about the band with the interview that is to follow.

Red Sun Rising took the stage last and was what everyone was waiting for. Hailing from Ohio, Red Sun Rising is comprised of Mike Protich (vocals), Ryan Williams (guitar), Ricky Miller (bass, vocals), Dave McGarry (guitar, vocals), and Pat Gerasia (drums). I was very excited to see them again after seeing them have a killer show at this year’s Rock On The Range and they rocked once again! Coming back for an encore of “Emotionless” was the perfect way to end the night. The crowd was almost louder singing the chorus than the band was!

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Overall, this was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while, and it was great getting to find some new awesome local bands! Speaking of local bands, here’s the interview with Taylor (bass) of Avalon Black!


Give us a brief history of the band. How did you guys meet?  “We’ve known each other for a few years now. One day when we were hanging out we decided to go downstairs and play guitars. Everything seemed to click and we wrote a song. Then another and another. We looked at each other and asked “do you guys wanna start a band?” And the rest is history!”

Describe your sound in 3 words: “Raw, loud, organic”

What were your musical influences growing up? “I grew up listening to classic rock. But always had an appreciation for Rage Against the Machine!”

Was there anyone specific that made you want to start playing music/ be in a band? “Growing up I always wanted to be a performer. I loved watching performances of Metallica and ZZ Top. I really Liked the idea of ‘being a rock star’ “

What kind of stuff are you listening to now? “These days I find myself listening to Royal Blood, Rival Sons, Shinedown, Issues…”

Tell me about your EP. How was the writing recording process? Do you have a favorite song on it? “The first EP was a lot of fun! They were the first four songs that we wrote. We went to a friend of ours who has a recording studio and laid all the tracks down in less than a week. I would say that the song Ultimate Price is my favorite on that EP.”

What bands would your “dream tour” consist of? “I always have a list of bands I would love to see live. It would be really cool to see a tour tour with Royal Blood, Alice in Chains, Pantera.”

Do you have a bucket list band that you would like to play with?I think It would be fun to share the stage with Asking Alexandria. Those guys are writing some great music right now!”


If you could bring back one dead musician, either to just watch their show or actually play with them, who would it be? “Prince. The answer to this question will always be Prince.”


If you could collaborate with anyone outside of your genre, who would it be? “I can’t speak for everyone in the band but my vote would be G-eazy.”


What are your thoughts on today’s music industry with all of the streaming platforms and not as many people buying physical CDs? “I still Like to buy physical CDs but streaming is so easy. I get why people do it. It just makes us work harder promoting.”

Regarding audience engagement, what’s your opinion on cell phones at live shows? “That doesn’t bother me much. We want people to pay attention but it’s nice to see pictures and videos online. I will say that I think it’s rude to text your friends or check Facebook right in the front row. People pay for those shows and would love to have a spot right in the front when someone else is up there checking their phone.”

Do you guys have a favorite venue to play? “So far The Machine Shop (where we just played) has been like our home venue. Those guys will always be family to us.”

Do you have a favorite show that you have played? “We have played some great shows over the last year and a half! They are all fun!”

When are some of the upcoming shows that you guys have? “We will be opening for the band Royal Bliss July 21st when they come through Michigan. Then we will be on the Michigan stage for Loud Wire Live Music festival August 10th. That is going to be our biggest show so far!”

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Author: Cheyenne Comerford

Senior Photographer, Journalist — Portfolio

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