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Tulsa, Oklahoma (August 17, 2018)–  On a muggy, Friday night in August, country music fans filed into historic Cain’s Ballroom  and filled it to the brim for a sold-out show featuring opener Jake Flint and headliner Randy Rogers Band.

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Local Red Dirt musician, Jake Flint, opened the evening and quickly warmed up the crowd with a rocking mixture of original songs and well-done covers. With his stage presence and professional yet approachable demeanor, it’s obvious Flint has the makings of a headliner and won’t be opening shows for long. Flint, a native of Oklahoma, recently released his second single, “Long Road Back Home”in July, which was co-produced by Red Dirt royalty, Mike McClure.  Along with “Long Road Back Home”, Flint’s set included, “I Wonder Why I Wander”, “The Fly Song” and “Drownin”, all  songs off his album, I’m Not OK. The few covers in the set included Hank Williams (both Jr. and Sr.) Flint got the crowd singing along to “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and “Whiskey Bent and Hellbound”. Taking the tempo down a bit, Flint dedicated Leonard Cohen’s, “Hallelujah”, to Tom Skinner and Brandon Jenkins, local musicians who had passed away in recent years.  Ending his set on a high note, Flint led the crowd in his rowdy take on, “Folsom Prison Blues”.

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Randy Rogers Band– © Splice Magazine – Melissa Payne Please do not alter images.

After a brief intermission and a restless crowd that began stomping, singing and chanting for the headliner, the Texas based, Randy Rogers Band brought their blend of country music to the sold-out crowd.  With a vast music library of ten albums, including their latest album, Nothing Shines Like Neon, the band had plenty of material to draw from and the setlist included many past hits like “Goodbye Lonely”, “One More Goodbye” and “10 Miles Deep”. The band has been together since 2002 and includes members Randy Rogers (lead vocals and guitar), Brady Black (fiddle), Les Lawless (drums), Todd Stewart (utility player), Geoffrey Hill (guitar) and Johnny Richardson (bass guitar).  Even though at the time I didn’t know the band had been playing together for almost two decades, their seamless transitions, dynamic playing and easy crowd interaction was a testament to their experience.  Tonight’s performance at Cain’s was just one in a string of many for the band and Rogers at one point told the crowd that he “loved playing at Cain’s because it was like coming home”.  Although the Cain’s was sold-out and space was hard to come by, it didn’t stop those in attendance from grabbing friends and significant others for a quick two-step to their favorite songs.

Fans of the band or those just wanting to see them for the first time should check out tour dates here. Those on the East Coast, Midwest or South can catch Randy Rogers Band on tour throughout the fall.

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