Ottawa, Ontario (July 18, 2018) – Friday evening saw Ottawa’s own Techfest dominate both the Maverick and Café Dekcuf venues. Featuring nine bands from around the world (literally, one band was from Rome). The line up included several Canadian bands; local heavyweights Hatred Reigns, the energetic Montrealers First Fragment and Depths of Hatred, rockers from Burlington who go by the name of Kill No Albatross, newcomers Mount Abora, and headlining titans Archspire. The line – up also included bands from the United States in the form of Sarah Longfield, The Kennedy Veil. Finally, flying all the way from Rome was Hideous Divinity to help round out the evening of entertainment.

Up first for the evening on the Mavericks Stage, were Ottawa speed demons Hatred Reigns. They delivered a blistering set, featuring fast guitar work, as the band was not there to stand and chat they came to blow you away with their technical skill.

Following Hatred Reigns were Kill No Albatross on the Café Dekcuf stage. Playing songs from their impressive ep Speak True Evil, the band was too much for the Café Dekcuf stage. Guitarist Josh Pinkey refused to be limited by the stage and took off into the crowd choosing instead to play onto amps or wherever he could to try and engage the crowd. Eventually, vocalist Kyle Collins and fellow guitarist Alex Crosty followed suit. This helped the band deliver not the most technically on point set, but one of the more engaging ones of the evening. A Band to check out if they get a bigger stage near you.

Returning to the Mavericks stage, where a packed crowd was eager to see the guitar virtuoso Sarah Longfield perform. Creating a sonically ethereal atmosphere, every song that she and her band played ended with loud cheers and applause. Longfield’s technical mastery and her ability to weave a story without saying anything at all impressed many in the crowd, so much so that they had to break out their phones and record it. Almost to the sense that they could not believe what they were witnessing.

Back on the Café Dekcuf stage, for their first time in Ottawa, Mount Abora brought in a sizeable crowd to watch them perform songs off their ep …A Waning Moon Was Haunted. Not only did they have an enjoyable performance and celebrated by treating the crowd to a newish song (it was their second time playing it live). Overall, they had a packed and successful first show in Ottawa!

Californians The Kennedy Veil played a hard-hitting set back down on the Mavericks stage. Entertaining the crowd with their energy and commentary in between songs (mainly taken from last year’s release Imperium, the band was a well – oiled machine of entertainment. A force just waiting to be released, the band broke the gates of moshing for the event and got the crowd throwing down and even circle pitting.

Depths of Hatred had a hell of a set, not only did they have people throw down for them immediately, but they were also celebrating their album Bloodguilt (out on Prosthetic Records) which was released that day! With their high energy and dynamic vocals, they made a thrilling show to witness.

First Fragment decimated Mavericks stage and was an unstoppable force. Featuring fierce guitar work, the band set out to make sure that those who were looking for a reason to mosh found it within their set. The band’s onslaught of sound is one that you cannot miss, be sure to check them out when they come to a city near you!

Flying all the way from Rome, Hideous Divinity impressed the crowd with their domination of the Café Dekcuf stage. Rarely stopping for more than a moment, the band set out to get the crowd off their feet and into the pit. With their fast guitaring and heavy beats, they were a great final band for the Café Dekcuf stage.

For the final band of the night, British Coloumbian’s Archspire played to a full house on the Maverick’s stage. Beyond straight shredding, the band made a point to get the crowd involved and energized after such a long brutal evening. Just like their album Relentless Mutation (released last year on Season of Mist), the band delivered a relentless performance that was the perfect closer to an evening filled with brutal beats and technical prowess.


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Author: Adrienne Row – Smith

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