Ottawa, Ontario (July 18, 2018) –  The Brass Monkey was honored with trying to contain the unparalleled force known as Otep as they stormed Canada’s capital city as they brought their Fire and Fury Tour to the great white north for the first time. However, even before beginning the revolution, the band took some time prior to doors to talk and give out advice to the dedicated fans who arrived early. Even I was able to get a quick chat in with Otep herself and hyped up their set as a “mutiny of sound,” and with this, she sealed the anticipation for the evening to come!

Up first for the evening, were Ottawa natives Ooluu who brought a captivating atmospheric performance to kick things off. Using the time, they were on stage to really set the scene for their fellow performers. With the drums being used during tuning changes, the rhythmic intermission built up the crowd’s anticipation before they would tear into their song. Vocalist Eric Davindra also captivated the crowd with his long-held vocals, a feat only matched by guitarist/bassists Asa Holloh and Kymavr’s instrumental harmony to flesh out their performance.

Following Ooluu, were the hottest new band out of Phoenix, AZ (and it’s pretty hot there to my knowledge) known as Dropout Kings. From the moment they got on stage, they dominated and never stopped moving. Crowd engagement was a key tactic for the evening and saw vocalist Adam Ramey descend into the crowd to get them hyped up, while additional vocalist Eddie Wellz held it down on the stage. Trying to break the mould for standard for trying to entice people to buy their new album (AudioDope will be out on Napalm Records August 10th!), the band held a competition during their set for the crowd; that they pick one video that the crowd took and they would get to hang out with the band and possibly hear the album before it drops. An unforgettable performance, Dropout Kings are a must-see band when they come to a city near you.

For the final performance, Otep wanted to leave fans with not just a show, but an experience. For their soundcheck, the band (minus Otep herself) treated the crowd to a cover of “Raining Blood” (Originally by Slayer). As she promised, Otep and the band delivered a mutiny of sound to The Brass Monkey. Ever political, the band unleashed rallying cry after cry upon the mass that had gathered for the evening. With every song, the band ensured that their songs were not just perceived as music, but important political points of discussion. This was enhanced by the band’s use of propping (which I will not give away to keep the surprise for future fans). With a new album on the way (Kult 45 is out on July 27 via Napalm Records), the honorary Canadians left me with one question – would anyone be able to blend music and politics as flawlessly as Otep? If you’re looking for a phenomenal performance, not just a music show, be sure to join the revolution when Otep comes to a city near you!

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