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Mount Pleasant, Michigan (July 20, 2018) –  I’m going to start this off by saying that I don’t know how some people can hate on Nickelback. They are definitely one of the best live bands that I’ve seen and put on a really fun show! With that being said, I’m super happy that I got to see them, again this year when they brought the Feed the Machine Tour, with Pop Evil, to the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort inMount Pleasant, MI! As for leading up to the show earlier in the day, it had been raining on and off and was supposed to have a pretty good chance of rain that night. Luckily the rain didn’t come during the concert and it was an awesome night!

Pop Evil © Splice Magazine – Cheyenne Comerford

Pop Evil was the opener and it was awesome to get to see them again as well. Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, you could tell that their home state crowd was happy to see them back! Their show is always super energetic and this show was no exception. They always are fun to watch and are engaging with the audience. At one point Leigh (vocals) even goes out in the crowd for part of the song and got up above the crowd so everyone can see him.

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Nickelback © Splice Magazine – Cheyenne Comerford

Nickelback opens up with “Million Miles an Hour” and kicks the show into high gear right off the bat! One of my favorite things about them is that they like to tell jokes and have fun in between songs and tonight was no different. After the third song, Chad (vocals) stopped to have a Jagerbomb and then threw out a short story to go along with it. He explained that if he starts drinking before the 3rd song, he might just end up camping in a tent in someone’s backyard for a week, drinking and not showering, and you’d have a REALLY hard time getting rid of him. The crowd got a good laugh out of that one.

About halfway through the set, they played “If Today Was Your Last Day” and dedicated it to Vinnie Paul. EVERYONE was singing along with that one. A few songs later they brought a couple of girls up on stage to help sing “Rockstar”, and both the band and crowd got a kick out of that, with Chad calling them “white-girl wasted” after one asked what song they were going to be singing (they took a couple minutes to talk about the some before bringing them up and said the name multiple times). They ended the night with “Burn it to the Ground” and what a perfect way to end the night it was. They wanted the party to continue, especially with it being at a casino, but unfortunately, that was it for the night.

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It was awesome to see a couple of great bands and everyone was so happy that it didn’t end up raining since there was no cover at all, not that anyone would have minded getting soaked when the show was as good as it was! All in all, I can’t wait to be able to see them again and trust me, I will be seeing them next time they come in town! So if you are one of the people who bash on Nickelback, go to a show, that’ll totally change your mind about them.


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