Metal Gods Unite:Judas Priest and Deep Purple


When the Deep Purple/Judas Priest co-headlining tour touched down at the Michigan Lottery Amphitheater at Freedom Hill Friday night, metal and progressive rock fans alike thought it was a curious pairing. Judas Priest, matriarchs of metal colliding with Deep Purples progressive/blues hybrid sound in matching 90-minute sets. Opposites attract, but would this pairing run the gamut and appeal to both the metal heads and progressive rockers alike?

Have a look at out our galleries of Judas Priest and Deep Purple and let us here at Splice Magazine know what you think. If you happened to attend one of the stops on the current tour, did either band blow you away or did one both disappoint?

Let us know your thoughts and then check back in the future and get our take on “When Metal Gods Unite”!


Deep Purple:

Judas Priest:

Michigan Lottery Amphitheater:




Author: John Swider

Senior Photojournalist — Portfolio

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