Kid Koala’s Vinyl Vaudeville

Detroit, Michigan, (April 28, 2018) – If you were in southwest Detroit, MI tonight you witnessed one of most unique and entertaining traveling shows on the concert scene today. El Club, an all-ages music venue hosted Vancouver’s own Kid Koala (KK). This Canadian DJ/ turntablist musician brought his Vinyl Vaudeville Show, with the support of DJ Jester The Filipino Fist and Adira Amram, to Detroit tonight and blew us all away!



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DJ Jester The Filipino Fist opened the Vinyl Vaudeville show tonight. DJ Jester is a deejay from Austin, TX. He spun unique tracks mixing rap, country, and pop music.



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His second opener was, as KK promised, “the most entertaining 15 minutes of your life” – Adira Amram and The Experience – Jessi “Jamz” Erian, Maresa “Body and Soul” D’Amore-Morrison, Matt Stoulil, Arthur Lewis, and  Vin Commisso wowed the crowd!



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Kid Koala is a deejay from Canada who has been in music for over 20 years. He is touring Canada and the US with his Vinyl Vaudeville Show to release his double album/soundtrack to the video game, Floor Kids. It is a breakdance battle video game which is five years in the making. We met with Kid Koala (Eric San) at El Club where he gave us a tour and showed us his new game. The show travels with three full-size video games which fans are encouraged to play at the show. He gave us a brief tutorial and actually played a game. His favorite move is the “Halo Spin”. The eight characters are all hand drawn and give the game an organic feel. This is his first time at El Club, but not in Detroit.

Splice is hanging out with Kid Koala!

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We asked Eric where the name “Kid Koala” originated. He said “when I was young, my mom would buy flats of Koala Springs, a sugary drink for kids. I was doing music in my room and other kids saw the bottles always laying around and started calling me Koala Kid”. He eventually switched it to Kid Koala. He spent time tonight teaching fans how to play the game, including a handful of kids that showed up to this all-ages event. He took pictures with many fans.

The show started with a moment of technical difficulty but was easily solved by KK. He smoothed it over with humor by telling the audience “what’s the difference between a wedding DJ and a professional DJ? A professional DJ plugs in the power cord!”  The opener, DJ Jester, started the show by mixing Huey Lewis’ “Power Of Love”. This definitely got people on their feet and moving. He has a unique style of mixing rap and country, which included George Strait’s ”All My Exes Live in Texas”. He blends rap, country, and pop with smooth transitions; he sampled some classic rap and some David Bowie, and The White Stripes. He mixed Michael Jackson‘s Pepsi commercial while drinking from a can himself; his vivid sense of humor came through with his music. He also mixed his self-proclaimed theme song, “Party All The Time”, by Eddie Murphy.

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Eric saw the second opener in NYC and had to have them on his tour. Adira Amram (and the Experience) is a multi-disciplinary performer based in NYC. She is a comedian, singer, dancer, writer, and choreographer. Her two dancers (The Experience) are Jessi Colon and Maresa D’Amore-Morrison. She came out in hot pink spandex and a sequined shirt. She played at the keyboard and asked, “are you ready, Detroit!?” She then broke into a hilarious, over-the-top dance number with a techno backbeat. Her two dancers came out in futuristic jumpsuits and shades – their energy was through the roof! They had everyone laughing and mesmerized.

The first number was called “Electric”. The choreography was nothing short of amazing and her comedic songs had us in stitches. On the second song, she opened with the statement, “all you need to do in life is body-roll” and then went into the song “Boom-Boom-Boom”  This act not only entertains, but they engage the crowd in every number. They threw confetti from their fanny packs and introduced the two dancers. Adira also mentioned their merchandise for sale which included lip-balm. She ended with the humorous song, “Pizza Party”, which included lit up pizza images on the screens behind them. 15 minutes went by fast and they left the crowd wanting more. If you ever have the opportunity to see them live do not miss this act. She then prepped the crowd so she could crowd surf.  All three crowd-surfed to the back of the venue and then brought out headliner, Kid Koala.

Kid Koala started with his new song, “Halo”. He is a high energy and incredibly talented DJ.  His Vinyl Vaudeville Show is nothing short of fun; we had smiles on our faces the entire show. He brought out neon string lights which glowed in the dark, puppets came out on stage; there were flying airplanes and life-sized trumpets mingled into the crowd. The puppets put on a show while he mixed music in the background. His loyal fans were excited to hear his new album, as well as some older songs.

In between songs he discussed that his album came out yesterday and Floor Kids will launch via steam on May 16, 2018.  He did an ode to Louie Armstrong with his “Drunk Trumpet” puppets with the crowd. Fans went nuts when he mixed in Beastie BoysWhat Cha Want”.  He put on his Koala outfit and started his mixed version of “Yo Gabba Gabba”, which he did for his daughter. The costume was an idea from his wife so he didn’t scare kids. He came down into the crowd on this number and participated with the fans in the song. There were two video screens behind him which displayed his turntables and live mixing. They also showed snippets from the video game. He asked the crowd if there were any “boys or girls” in the crowd and to make room if they wanted to dance.

Tonight’s show is one of the best live performances we’ve ever seen! This is a well-rounded all ages show and not to be missed!!

Set List:
2 bit
Skanky panky
Flow kids
Drunk trumpet
4 bit
Yo gabba
Mpc/was he slow
7 bit
Octopus movie shoot
Moon River”
8 bit

Kid Koala:

DJ Jester the Filipino Fist:

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Kid Koala + DJ Jester + Adira Amram @ El Club, Detroit, MI 04/28/18

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