Indie Rock Takes on Ferndale, MI as Hop Along and Bat Fangs Grips Fans at The Loving Touch!

Ferndale, MI (June 9, 2018) – The Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI is the place to be on this beautiful 70-degree day. There is already a line outside the building of eager, music-hungry, people, ready to get in at 6. You can feel the anticipation. The sound guy, Andrew, always does a rad job keep things lit! You can stand right up to the front of the stage and touch it, getting cozy and close to the musicians.

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The show was sold out in no time, with only 10 tickets left as soon as the doors opened. A full house of dedicated fans ready to see their favorite band perform. The opening act, Bat Fangs, is a stripped down, garage rock show, in all the best ways. Betsy Wright, the lead guitarist, and vocalist, has a very retro style voice that suits the Bat Fangs theme flawlessly. Laura King, the band’s drummer, has a very tight play style and solid rhythm. The vibe was high energy, uptempo, and infectious. I fell in love instantly and even bought one of their vinyls.

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As for Hop Along, at this point the crowd is so thick I can hardly squeeze through, you could feel the anticipation as the fans wildly giggled, screamed, and whistled for Hop Along to come out. Once on stage, ambient bulb lighting created silhouettes of the band, the quiet verses song by lead vocalist and guitarist, Frances Quinlan, explode into the loud chorus. Frances’ beautiful, raspy voice, something I have always loved in a female vocalist, is powerful and penetrating. A girl behind me is singing along to the lyrics so loudly, I almost cannot hear Frances. The song structure is very interesting and the friendly, playful banter between the band members create a really chill vibe. They tell jokes and really interact with the crowd.

The show and the music are so good, I was compelled to buy even more merch, I purchased two T-shirts! I have been to The Loving Touch many times to see shows, and I have never seen it this packed! It was a great night. Be sure to catch Hop Along and Bat Fangs at the next stop on their tour!

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