Eminem’s Revival + Mom’s Spaghetti Pop Up

DETROIT, Mich. (December 16, 2017) – Detroit rapper Eminem announced Thursday on Twitter that he was hosting a “Mom’s Spaghetti” pop-up at The Shelter, in the basement of Saint Andrews Hall, in Detroit, MI Friday – Sunday. The pop-up theme was based on song lyrics from his 2002 hit “Lose Yourself”.  The three-day pop-up event celebrated the release of his much anticipated 9th album “Revival”.

This morning when we arrived it was cold and snowing. The entrance, which is located in the back alley, was filled with slush. Fans were waiting outside in line due to the small size of the venue. Two to three people were being let in at a time as other fans left. The security guards were handing out hand warmers due to the wait time for entry.

Splice Photographer: Kelly Harmer

The event featured an artistic installation at the entrance based on the mobile home he grew up in. It had a projected image of a chained pit bull that was lunging forward.  The windows were on fire and a dark male silhouette moved through the home. The door was a real door and the entrance to the event. The doorway popped you inside a makeshift living room filled with Revival merchandise to view. There was a clever, neon red ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ sign above the cooking area where they were preparing spaghetti and garlic bread, prepared Union Joints. The black and white menu board listed “spaghetti, meatballs, s’ghetti sandwich.” They also offered garlic bread and pop.  A movie screen played a promotional video of Eminem’s new album, Revival, on a loop. They also had a merchandise section in the back full of Revival items for purchase – t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, hats, and CDs. Fans enjoyed food and listened to the Revival album which played all day. Some people came all three days in hopes of seeing the rapper. Eminem did show up on Friday to sign autographs and surprise fans. He even participated in taking selfies.

Eminem Pop Up

The 19-track album is gritty and features some surprising artists like Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, and Pink. Eminem samples artists such as The Cranberries, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and Regina Spektor. The event was uber-creative and Eminem’s fans left full and satisfied, even if they didn’t get to shake the hand or take a selfie with Detroit’s most beloved rapper.

Eminem – Revival 

Eminem – Revival

Splice Journalist: Krissy McGuire

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Eminem’s ‘mom’s spaghetti’ pop-up at the Shelter in Detroit
Eminem held an autograph session in The Shelter and fed the fans Mom’s spaghetti

The Shelter @ Saint Andrews Hall
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Union Joints
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Author: Kelly Harmer

Senior Photographer — Portfolio

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