Dream Wife at the Beachland Ballroom

Cleveland, OH (September 28, 2018)Dream Wife at the Beachland Ballroom with special guests Russo and Heavenly Creatures. London based alt-indie-punk band Dream Wife, fronted by Icelandic-born Rakel Mjöll, along with bassist Bella Podpadec and guitarist Alice Go found themselves arriving into town in the Waterloo art district of Cleveland. Arriving in the States only a few days prior, this trendy area of the rock & roll capital has welcomed Dream Wife for a second appearance.

Rakel Mjöll © Splice Magazine – Ron Claus

What started as an art project between friends at the University of Brighton, Dream Wife takes the meaning of what you think the band name represents, rips the institution to shreds and tosses the pieces into the trash. Like a marriage of a hammer to a light bulb, the sweet and innocence is replaced with what the fans crave, that’s high energy, in-your-face-power-trio-punk. Rakel, Bella & Alice are all fans of the early UK punk movement, and its refreshing to see Dream Wife playing their part and keeping such an important genre alive.

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Drawing inspiration from bands such as David Bowie, Talking Heads, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Peaches & The Strokes, Dream Wife is proud of the fact all their songs are a collaborative effort. Organizing and building from random thoughts, instant inspiration, impromptu riffs and the state of affairs, these female pioneers craft some of the best punk sounds out today.  Their self titled debut album, Dream Wife is the pinnacle of their work yet to date offering 11 songs, such as Hey Heartbreaker, Let’s Make Out, FUU, Somebody and Fire.

It’s an exciting time for Dream Wife with their debut album and tour. In a world of uncertainty, the power of these women will persevere leading them onward to great things and we wish them much success along the way. Keep an eye out for Dream Wife and we definitely recommend going to check them out in a city near you.

Bella Podpadec © Splice Magazine – Ron Claus

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