Counterparts Private Room Tour at Fubar

St. Louis, Missouri (September 29, 2018) – As the small room in Fubar filled up, you could feel the humidity of the air sticking to your skin as bodies crammed up to the stage. The bands that were to play drew in such a crowd that from the front of the stage to the bar was packed before the first band took the stage. The Private Room Tour was stacked with a mix of bands: Varials, Have Mercy, Being As An Ocean, and Counterparts, each bringing their own thing to the stage with each set.

Opening up the show at Fubar was Varials, starting the set off with “God Talk” and getting the crowd moving and moshing from the start. “God Talk” comes off their last released album in 2017, “Pain Again”, on Fearless Records’ label. Varials setlist consisted of songs from their new album with exception of “Stigmata”, which comes off their album “Failure//Control”. With a moody and grungy light setting, they moved through their setlist with lots of fast-moving, heavy hitting songs.


IMG 9993
IMG 9993
Varials © Eryn Smith
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Have Mercy took the stage after, giving all the moshers a much-needed break after Varials. Have Mercy opened up their set with “Smoke and Lace”, the first single from their most recent album “Make The Best Of It” and the crowd was all there for it. Looking into the crowd, you could see the swift change from moshers to a group of mellow listeners. As Have Mercy played through their set, in between songs lead singer Brian Swindle and guitarist Nate Gleason told stories about their travels on the tour. They made the room feel light and pleasant as they cracked jokes and interacted with the crowd. Towards the end of their set, Brian spoke about a new song and hinted towards an upcoming album. To the crowd’s delight, they played this new song, “Dressed Down”. The band left the stage, except for Brian who played the song solo. Behind the song was a strong emotion that left the crowd in awe as they listened and enjoyed. Brian hopes to put out the album with this song around Spring, so be sure to keep an eye out.


IMG 0272
IMG 0272
Have Mercy © Eryn Smith
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After the break that Have Mercy gave the crowd, the pit opened right back up as Being As An Ocean took the stage. As their set opened up, the light set the tone for the moody, heavy set that was to come. They played songs off their new album “Waiting For The Morning To Come” such as, “OK” and “Know My Name”. Along with throwbacks like “L’edquisite Douleur” and “Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes the Air”. The crowd was loving every second of it and lead singer Joel Quartuccio hopped into the crowd and was swarmed with everyone singing songs with him. The energy during the set was very high and intense as Joel hopped from the stage to the crowd throughout their set.


IMG 0703
IMG 0703
Being As An Ocean © Eryn Smith
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The energy from Being As An Ocean carried over to Counterparts as they finished out the night with their set. The Canadian hardcore band opened up with “Monument” from their Private Room EP that dropped September 7th, 2018. The lighting for their set followed much of that of Being As An Ocean’s and set a grungy mood overall. Between songs lead singer Brendan Murphy seemed to point out he had no clue St. Louis had this much energy and love for Counterparts. He was taken back and shocked at how amped the crowd was during their set and made it very clear they would visit St. Louis again. The crowd let Brendan’s words amp them even more as Counterparts continued their set with songs “Thieves” and “Compass”. Stage divers jumped the stage all throughout the set and at one point the crowd rushed the stage to sing as Brendan left the mic and moshed. The energy throughout the set never died.


IMG 1404
IMG 1404
Counterparts © Eryn Smith
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The performance by all the bands left an impression on the crowd as everyone filed out of the small venue, still hyped and ready for more. The tour will continue to rock more venues though as Varials, Have Mercy, Being As An Ocean, and Counterparts keep the Private Room Tour going through the United States and take the tour over to Europe with Stick To Your Guns!


Being As An Ocean

Have Mercy


The Fubar

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