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Celebrating Continent - The Acacia Strain stops in Ottawa, ONT
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Celebrating Continent – The Acacia Strain stops in Ottawa, ONT

Ottawa, Ontario (July 25, 2018)Mavericks bar on Rideau street had a line up eagerly waiting to help celebrate Massachusetts natives The Acacia Strain celebrate their 10-year anniversary for the timeless Continent album. The band was supported by Left Behind, I Am and Southpaw.

Ottawa’s own Southpaw came out swinging to start off the evening. Featuring a dynamic stage presence, the band worked every inch of the stage to its core. From high jumps to getting down low with their tones, the band was a heavy hitter for an opener. If you’re looking for a new band to give you a daily dose of breakdown goodness; Southpaw is the band for you.

Following Southpaw were I Am, who brought the ferocity of Dallas, Texas with them. Despite being their first time in Ottawa, you couldn’t tell as they crowd was eager to throw down and show their appreciation for the band coming all the way up to Canada. The band was so heavy that even their water bottles couldn’t handle it and fell off their amps as they rocked the stage. However, the water bottles took their sweet time as before the band even kicked into their first note, the crowd was already gearing to throw down in the pit. I Am is definitely not a band to continue to sleep on.

While I Am brought the speed, Virginia based Left Behind opted to slow things down only slightly as they wanted some of the crowd to be left standing for The Acacia Strain to demolish. Playing a mishmash of crowd killing inspiring songs, the band lived up to their namesake in part in the sense that no one was left behind in needing a reason to mosh.

What remained of the crowd after Left Behind, was totally decimated by The Acacia Strain. As soon as the first note dropped, the crowd went into overdrive and became an onslaught tried by the music. Eager to show the impact that Continent had, both the band and fans left nothing left for this final performance. If you were not drenched in sweat, you didn’t work yourself hard enough was the motto of the evening. For a band that had not been to Ottawa in a few years, fans let all the anticipation from waiting for them to return to be completely let loose in the pit. However, vocalist Vincent Bennett made a point to say that not everything needed to be about destroying yourself. Rather, he took some time to recognize that friends are one of the most important things and that while music can help, it pales in comparison to being heard when you’re struggling. With this moment, The Acacia Strain was able to solidify the evening as a memorable one until they again can return to Ottawa.

This is a tour you don’t want to miss!

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