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A Few Good Minutes with Jada Vance

From American Idol to the film Providence, and multiple charity performances, country artist, Jada Vance, is always spreading her good-time, spunky attitude and contagious smile. The small-town Tennessee native has worked with some of classic country’s best, including Linda Davis and Teddy Gentry, and has brought her energetic performances to the stage, opening for Daryle Singletary, Travis Tritt, Little […]

101 in 88!

Splice Magazine launched 10/04/17. In 88 days we have had the honor of photographing, concert reviewing interviewing, writing album reviews, creating social media campaigns and press releases for 101 artists. Thank you to our very talented team of contributors; without all of you, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to the following artists: 311, […]

Splice Chats With The Oak Ridge Boys, Richard Sterban

He, with his “oom poppa, mow mow” tone and sweet, Southern charm, apologized for the misunderstanding. We both chuckled. What a way to kick off what was sure to be an excellent phone conversation. I sat back and listened to him share with me some very fond stories about life as an Oak Ridge Boy, touring, recording, collaborations, philanthropy, retirement and everything in between.