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Cleveland, Ohio (July 22, 2018) – Beasto Blanco Agora Theater & Ballroom Cleveland, OH Monstrous Things Tour  Formed in 2012 by Chuck Garric & Brother Latham, Beasto Blanco is a 5-piece band that knows how to put on a show.  Not only from the heavy metal music, but the shock & awe theater that no one else can deliver other than the talented Calico Cooper.  As beautiful as she is, do not get too close, as her vampire eyes and sharp claws are something to ensure you keep your distance.  This band hits hard with monster riffs, since both Chuck & Calico are tightly connected to legendary demonic rocker himself, Alice Cooper.

Beasto Blanco starts off with Chuck entering the stage with a medieval animal shawl on his shoulders, taking command of the stage as fans stare in awe of the seemingly larger than life leviathan presented in front of them.  The rest of the band follows to fill the stage and the crowd enters a chant, screaming “Beasto”, followed by a brief pause, then “Blanco” follows suit.  This only adds to the band’s energy & fury by dialing up the volume and delivering a show like no other.  Hitting hard with songs from their self titled album Beasto Blanco, crowd favorites such as “Grind“, “Death Rattle” and of course, “Feed My Frankenstein” had the audience throwing the metal horns all night long.  Can’t get enough beast metal? Be sure to check out Beasto Blanco’s other albums, such as Live Fast Die Loud, and a newly released album, Live from Berlin out now.

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