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Detroit, Michigan (July 7, 2018) – Avalon 10 Year Tour Ten years ago, Anthony Green and Good Old War went on tour with one another for the release of Anthony Green’s debut solo album, Avalon. Fast forward to present day, and they’re back at The Shelter in Detroit, MI for the ten year anniversary tour of said album. Tonight was a celebration of not only Anthony Green’s album, but Good Old War’s debut album, Only Way To Be Alone.

This show originally was going to be upstairs in the main hall of Saint Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, MI, but they had moved it downstairs to  The Shelter. The location change was welcomed as The Shelter gave a more intimate feeling with the crowd. As more and more people gathered closer to the stage, Found Wild made their way on stage to start the night. Found Wild is a brand new comprised of Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin, both from Good Old War. Keith is the lead vocalist of Good Old War, but in Found Wild, Tim took the reigns and absolutely killed it. Playing both guitar and keys, Tim wowed the audience with his musical prowess and voice as a lead vocalist for the first time. Having only played a handful of shows before tonight, their set included their newly released single “Nothing Gold Can Last”, and a bunch of brand new songs that will be featured on their upcoming album which is up for pre-order right now.

After Found Wild warmed up the crowd, Good Old War took the stage. This time, Tim returned to the drumset and Keith took the lead vocal duties. Joining them on stage was the talented Dan Schwartz to complete the trio. “Only Way To Be Alone” has been a favorite of mine ever since I first listened to it four or five years ago so you couldn’t imagine how excited I was to see Good Old War perform it from front to back. The album includes such hits as “Coney Island”, “Tell Me”, “Looking for Shelter”, and “Weak Man”, which featured Anthony Green on their track and tonight, on stage as well. Each song features all three members displaying not only their talent with their respective instruments but also their vocal prowess with flawless harmonizations in every key.  Their album, Only Way To Be Alone, may have come out ten years ago, but like fine wine, it ages well.

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Anticipation was building as Anthony Green was about to walk on stage. The crowd was teased a few times with Green coming on stage for a song or two with the previous acts and was now ready for his full set. As soon as the first chord was struck on the guitar, the crowd went nuts as they knew “She Loves Me So”, the first track from the album, Avalon, was the first song to be played. Watching Anthony and the rest of the band, you can instantly tell how much fun they were having on stage. Soon after that song came the single from his album, Dear Child, which sent the crowd into an energetic frenzy. Green’s energy was similar to that of Saosin and Circa Survive sets even though his solo music is more mellow, but his energy made even the slowest songs of his album a part of the party. After playing through his album, Green once again came on stage to play another five songs including “Every Way”, a Circa Survive song and “Diamond Eyes”, a Deftones cover.

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Tonight’s show was not only a celebration of two albums that came out a decade ago but also a celebration of friendship. It was only fitting that Anthony Green and Good Old War toured together for their ten-year album celebrations as they have been playing music together for more than a decade. We have much to look forward to from both Green and Good Old war and now Found Wild who only just started playing shows together last June. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future!

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