Alien Ant Farm + Lit + P.O.D.

St. Petersburg, Florida (July 4, 2018) – It’s a steamy afternoon on the fourth of July and I am at Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. So, what am I doing at a sports bar that is known for being a gathering spot for Tampa Bay Rays fans? Today is something special. Ferg’s is having a fourth of July rock and roll BBQ featuring P.O.D., Lit, and Alien Ant Farm. When I found out about this event, it immediately made it onto my must-go-to list!

The first band to hit the stage was Alien Ant Farm. Formed in 1996 in Riverside, CA, the band consists of Dryden Mitchell the lead vocalist, Mike Cosgrove on drums, Terry Corso the lead guitarist, and Tim Peugh on bass. Kicking off their set they started with “Bad Morning”. What a great start! If this song was any indication as to how the rest of the day was going to go, things were looking great. The rest of there set consisted of “Forgive and Forget”, “Movies”, “These Days”, “Courage”, “Wish”, “Glow”, “Sticks and Stones”, and closing things out was “Smooth Criminal”. When they launched into their final number the entire place erupted into a giant sing-along! With a band that good was the opener, I knew that the rest of the show was only going to get better.

Next to hit the stage was Lit. Out of Fullerton, CA, they started out in 1988 as Razzle, then they changed their name to Stain only to find out that another band was already using that name. So, they finally arrived at the name Lit. The group’s members are A. Jay Popoff the lead singer, Jeremy Popoff lead guitars, Kevin Baldes the bass guitarist, Ryan Gillmor guitars, and Evan Kilbourne the drummer. They launched into their set with a dynamite cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “American Girl”. Yup, this show was really was gearing up to be a great one. The set continued with “Four”, “Easy”, “Ziplock”, “Someday Maybe”, “Good Problem to Have”, “Miserable”, “Something”, “Back With You”, “Broken”, “These Are the Days”, “You Tonight”, “Last Time”, and “My Own Worst Enemy”. Of course, when it came to play “My Own Worst Enemy”, their breakout hit song, the place went nuts and the energy going on between the crowd and the band was palpable.

Finally, it was time for P.O.D. to show the crowd their stuff. In 1992 the band came together in San Diego, CA. The group consists of Sonny Sandoval the lead singer, Wuv Bernardo on drums, bass player Traa Daniels, and Marcos Curiel the lead guitar player. Before they even got to the stage,  Curiel had already started playing the intro to “Boom”. So, when they got on stage they were ready to tear things up, and boy did they ever! Wow, what a high-energy way to kick things off!

Throughout the rest of their set, they didn’t back off or a second. They kept the throttle mashed to the floor the whole night. A really poignant moment of the show is when they played “Youth of the Nation”. As Sandoval was introducing this song he rightfully noted that this song was just as relevant today as when he first wrote it. The rest of their set was “Rock the Party (Off the Hook)”, “Southtown”, “Soundboy Killa”, “Southern Cali in my Head”, “Youth of the Nation”, “Rocking with the Best”, “On Fire”, “Beautiful”, and “Alive”. For their encore the played a cover of the U2‘s “Bullet the Blue Sky” and finally they closed out the evening with “Satellite”. What a great show they put on. From start to finish they had the audience in the palm of their hand and even got the crowd to make an all-women mosh pit!

This was one evening that those lucky enough to see the show won’t forget. It was one of those rare concerts where you had three bands that could headline any show they wanted, yet here they are all in one place together. The tour will continue through the rest of the summer as the Gen-X summer tour with Buckcherry sharing the stage, too! If you’re smart, you will put this on your list of must-see concerts!

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