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I work: In the entertainment industry

I enjoy: Spending quality time with my dog.

Goals/Dreams: A house with an avocado tree in the yard, and a garden full of tomato and pepper plants, so I can have fresh guacamole and salsa at all times.

Tell us about your style, and what you contribute to Splice that makes you unique

Splice (Bucket) List: Andrew W.K., Chromeo, Jungle, Missy Elliott, Die Antwoord, and if you’ve got a time machine handy, David Bowie.

Guilty Pleasures: Singing songs to my dog/re-writing songs to be about my dog and then singing them to him.

The first album I ever owned was: I had a box full of Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Chipmunks cassettes. I’m sure that my parents heard “Heal the World” far more times than they ever wanted to.

My first concert was: Weird Al Yankovic

The last concert I attended was: Gramatik

My favorite book is: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Five items that are always in your refrigerator: Hot sauce, champagne, eggs, tofu, and garlic.

An interesting fact about me that people don’t expect is:  I used to drive a Cadillac hearse.

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last updated: 03/2018


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