Mark Matson



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I work: as a technician

I enjoy: Getting that perfect shot a concert

Goals/Dreams: To travel the world shooting concerts for artists

Tell us about your style, and what you contribute to Splice that makes you unique
Passion, persistence, and patience…all in the name of creating that feeling of a show for those that couldn’t get there.

Splice (Bucket) List: Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Seether, Queens of the Stoneage, John Mayer, Pink

Guilty Pleasures: Playing guitar

The first album I ever owned was: ELO – Out of the Blue

My first concert was: Stevie Ray Vaugh at the Capital Theater in Passaic, NJ

The last concert I attended was: Gasparilla Music Festival featuring The Roots

If I could have attended any concert in history, I’d go back in time and see: Pantera

Favorite non-photography activity? Going to concerts

What was the first concert you photographed? Candlebox

If you could photograph any concert in history, what would it be? Stevie Ray Vaugh Alpine Valley Music Theater 1990 – his last concert

What is your favorite non-writing activity? Reading

The last movie I saw was: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

My favorite website is: Instagram

My favorite food is: A ribeye

My most treasured possession is: My daughters and my cameras

My biggest pet peeve is: Driving too slow in the left lane

My favorite place in the world is: In the pit at the front of the stage.

My dream car is: Ford Mustang

An interesting fact about me that people don’t expect is:  I look nowhere near my age.

When you’re not photographing great concerts, writing about them, interviewing artists, doing album reviews… what can we find you doing? Listening to music and discovering new bands

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last updated: 05/2018