Krissy McGuire

Personal Assistant

metro Detroit, Michigan


I work: Own house cleaning business and interior design
I enjoy: Hanging out in Detroit
Goals/Dreams: Travel a lot and be successful

Niche: Tell us about your style, and what you contribute to Splice that makes you unique: I have an eye for design

Splice (Bucket) List: Go to lots of concerts!!

Guilty Pleasures: Drinking wine

The first album I ever owned was: Shawn Cassidy

My first concert was: The club mtv concert

The last concert I attended was: Amos Lee

If I could have attended any concert in history, I’d go back in time and see: Michael Jackson

Favorite non-photography activity? Playing with my son

If you could photograph any concert in history, what would it be? Madonna

If you could interview any celebrity in history, who would it be? Madonna

The last movie I saw was: Death Becomes Her

My favorite book is: Between Two Worlds

My favorite TV show is: Family Guy

My favorite food is: Mexican

Five items that are always in your refrigerator: Cheese, salsa, 1/2 and 1/2, La Croix, butter

My favorite non-musical activity: Dining

My most treasured possession is: My son

My biggest phobia is: Leaving my son alone

My biggest pet peeve is: Stubbornness

My favorite place in the world is: Punta Cana

My dream car is: Corvette

An interesting fact about me that people don’t expect is: I’m very strong

When you’re not photographing great concerts, writing about them, interviewing artists, doing album reviews… what can we find you doing? Hopefully being lazy

Last updated: 11/2017

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