Ken Penn



Covers events in:

North Carolina
Washington, DC

Specializes in: Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Pop, Hip-Hop


I work: as a professional commercial, fine art, and entertainment photographer

I enjoy: Music, Art, Fashion, Traveling, Vegan Food

Goals/Dreams: To produce high-end music promotions with photo and video.

Tell us about your style, and what you contribute to Splice that makes you unique
Many years of experience photographing bands of all types.

Splice (Bucket) List: Guns & Roses, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Bjork

Guilty Pleasures: Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Morrissey

The first album I ever owned was: Run DMC Raising Hell

My first concert was: Red Hot Chili Peppers Live at VCU Shafer Court

The last concert I attended was: American Nightmare

Favorite non-photography activity? Drawing

What was the first concert you photographed? First major band was AFI in Charleston South Carolina

If you could photograph any concert in history, what would it be? Woodstock

What was the first concert you reviewed? Morrissey Live at Red Rocks, Morrison Colorado

What was your favorite interview? Gwar during GwarBQ

If you could interview any celebrity in history, who would it be? Morrissey

The last movie I saw was: Three Billboards

My favorite TV show is: Wild’n Out

My favorite food is: Vegan “Chickn”

Five items that are always in your refrigerator: Almond Milk, Hot Sauce, Tofu, Veg Chickn, Sunkist Grape

My favorite non-musical activity: Riding Motorcycles

My most treasured possession is: my photo equipment

My biggest phobia is: drowning

My biggest pet peeve is: personal space

My favorite place in the world is: Hawaii

My dream car is: Electric VW Bus

An interesting fact about me that people don’t expect is:  I’m 6foot 4 inches tall with a lot of tattoos

When you’re not photographing great concerts, writing about them, interviewing artists, doing album reviews… what can we find you doing? Photographing conceptual fine art


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last updated: 03/2018