Angela Agnew



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I work: In the mmj industry

I enjoy: Photographing shows

Goals/Dreams: Live on an island

Tell us about your style, and what you contribute to Splice that makes you unique
Passion for reggae music

Splice (Bucket) List: Any reggae artist

The first album I ever owned was: Michael Jackson

My first concert was: Michael Jackson Victory Tour

The last concert I attended was: Jboog

If I could have attended any concert in history, I’d go back in time and see: Lucky Dube

Favorite non-photography activity? Watching my kids play sports

What was the first concert you photographed? Beenie Man

If you could photograph any concert in history, what would it be? Tupac

If you could interview any celebrity in history, who would it be? Tupac

The last movie I saw was: Black Panther

My favorite book is: Revolutionary Suicide

My favorite TV show is: This Is Us

Five items that are always in your refrigerator: Milk, eggs, cheese, lunch meat, pickles

My favorite non-musical activity: Driving

My biggest phobia is: The woods

My biggest pet peeve is: Mouth noises

My favorite place in the world is: Roatan Honduras

My dream car is: an orange convertible Range Rover

When you’re not photographing great concerts, writing about them, interviewing artists, doing album reviews… what can we find you doing? Hanging out with my kids

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last updated: 02/2018

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