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Amanda Rodriguez



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I work: As a photographer

I enjoy: Taking photos and editing photos

Goals/Dreams: For people to see my work internationally.

Tell us about your style, and what you contribute to Splice that makes you unique
I will do almost anything to make sure I get a good shot- whether it be with my camera or my iPhone.

Splice (Bucket) List: Green Day, The Maine, Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Sum 41, Broadside.

Guilty Pleasures: In the music aspect my guilty pleasures are old Motion City Soundtrack and The Cab.

My first concert was: The Jonas Brothers in middle school.

The last concert I attended was: Sleeping With Sirens/ Set It Off

Favorite non-photography activity? Drawing/sketching

What was the first concert you photographed? A small show for a band called Kozie

If you could photograph any concert in history, what would it be? I would’ve loved to have gotten the chance to photograph Linkin Park.

If you could interview any celebrity in history, who would it be? Billie Joe Armstrong

The last movie I saw was: The ‘IT’ remake.

My favorite book is: ‘the five people you meet in heaven’

My favorite TV show is: Supernatural

My favorite website is: Does Instagram count? Haha I’m [always] on Instagram or Twitter.

My most treasured possession is: My camera.

My biggest phobia is: The unknown. I never know what’s in big bodies of water, so I don’t go in them- same with Space. I don’t know exactly who/what is really out there. There’s so much that we as humans haven’t discovered yet/ don’t know about and that’s terrifying to me.

My biggest pet peeve is: People at shows that scream so loud the whole show they almost drown out the artist on stage.

My favorite place in the world is: The city

An interesting fact about me that people don’t expect is:  I’m actually [very] flexible.

My crush is: Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day


last updated: 04/2018

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