Splice Media Group currently consists of: Splice Magazine. In the near future, we are rolling out more services, such as: Splice Publicity, Splice Management, and Splice Booking.

Splice is not confined to any genres. Splice stands apart from the rest because of our commitment to feature ALL artists – from just starting to A-listers; from Gospel to Heavy Metal; from dive bars to arenas and stadiums!

Splice specializes in concert photography and concert reviews. We absolutely love to cover festivals, too! We also publish press releases regarding upcoming tours, new music, and news. We conduct, write and publish interviews and album reviews.

The talent bank of the Splice Team is outstanding! We have an incredibly diverse lineup of contributors, from all walks of life. Splice is a collaborative effort; a team of incredibly talented Photojournalists, Photographers, Journalists and Guest Contributors.

All of our services are free of charge. Splice management team members, nor the contributors receive any revenue nor income from Splice Media Group.

Splice offers these amazing services for our clients:

  • Photography
  • Concert Reviews
  • Album Reviews
  • Pre Show Publicity
  • Interviews
  • Meet & Greet coverage
  • Pre and/or Post-Party coverage
  • Videos
  • + MORE!

We are dedicated to not only providing the artist with professionally photographed images and well-written reviews; but also making the fans feel like they were there, even when they couldn’t attend.

We are always welcoming more talent to join our team. APPLY today!

The Splice Team currently has contributors covering the majority of the United States, and into Canada & Mexico. We have 50 + active contributors that are able to provide coverage in 40/50 states + Canada & Mexico. We are headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. We are aiming to launch more internationally in the near future.


 Mary Elliott Owner, Senior Photojournalist, Editor-in-Chief — Portfolio

 Doug Elliott Owner, AdminPortfolio

 John Swider Manager, Senior PhotojournalistPortfolio

 Kate Sumbler  Admin, Senior Photojournalist — Portfolio

 Allen Heimberger Admin, Photojournalist Portfolio

 Ken Penn Admin, Photojournalist Portfolio

 Cheyenne Comerford Admin, Senior Photographer, JournalistPortfolio

 John Reasoner  Senior Photojournalist Portfolio

 Michael Bragg  PhotojournalistPortfolio

 Mark Matson  Photojournalist Portfolio

 Temma Hankin  Photojournalist — Portfolio

 Brad Coolidge PhotojournalistPortfolio

 Melissa Payne Photojournalist Portfolio

 Adrienne Row – Smith PhotojournalistPortfolio

 Robin Steeley Photojournalist Portfolio

 Zach Share Photojournalist Portfolio

 Kristen Derr Photojournalist Portfolio

 Kim Palumbo Photojournalist Portfolio

 Daniella Heminghaus Photojournalist Portfolio

 Trevor Redford Photojournalist Portfolio

 Allison Heimberger  Photojournalist Portfolio

 Anna Tollstam Photojournalist Portfolio

 Addison Elliott  Photojournalist Portfolio

 Shannon Watson Photojournalist Portfolio

 Isaac Ford Photojournalist Portfolio

 David Painter Photojournalist Portfolio

 Pamela MacIntyre Photojournalist Portfolio

 Lauren Noble Photojournalist Portfolio

 Kevin Soney Photojournalist Portfolio

 Tamea Agle Photojournalist Portfolio

 Joshua Rish Photojournalist Portfolio

Chris CouturePhotojournalist Portfolio

Dawna LovelyPhotojournalist Portfolio

 Kelly Harmer  Senior PhotographerPortfolio

 Ron Claus Photographer Portfolio

 Thom Seling Photographer Portfolio

 Randy Alomar Photographer Portfolio

 Debra Rothenberg Photographer Portfolio

 Robin Skievaski Photographer Portfolio

 Jessi McKee Photographer Portfolio

 Kayla Rising Photographer Portfolio

 Tryst Mallette Photographer Portfolio

 Dominique D’Costa Photographer Portfolio

 Angela Agnew  Photographer Portfolio

 Austin Stockert Photographer Portfolio

Gina MonahanPhotographer Portfolio

 Krissy McGuire Journalist Portfolio

 Annie Paschal Journalist Portfolio

Kathy Ruzan- Photographer  Portfolio

Splice Magazine


Splice can be reached 24/7 at 646-926-1242 or email


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Posted by Splice Magazine on Monday, March 26, 2018

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